Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Where Have You Gone Troy Bolton?

Shortly after she turned 12, I found a framed movie poster leaning up against a wall in my bedroom. It was the High School Musical poster I’d given her a few years ago.

She was done with it, she said. Maybe her younger cousin would like it, she suggested.

That wasn’t all.

When she told me what music she wanted me to load onto the new iPod The Spouse and I got her for her birthday, left off the list of tunes were all the High School Musical songs, the Cheetah Girls tunes and the Hannah Montana music.

“Really? You don’t want any of these songs?” I asked, surprised that I suddenly cared about music sung by the characters of Troy Bolton, Gabriella Montez and Sharpay Evans.

She glanced at the ground and said plaintively, “Mooomm!” slightly embarrassed that I cared that she was moving on, musically speaking.

Have I heard, “Breaking Free” for the last time in our house? Is this goodbye to High School Musical? Sure, the franchise drove me crazy when I heard their songs non-stop, but now I think I’m really gonna miss them. And that shocks me.

Image credit: Disney.

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