Wednesday, August 25, 2010

'Mad Men's' Betty Francis (Formerly Mrs. Draper) Continues Her Campaign for Mother of the Year

For anyone who saw Sunday night’s Mad Men, the scenes between Betty and her 10-year-old daughter Sally were tough to watch.

First Betty slapped Sally across the face after learning that, in a desperate cry for attention, Sally cut her hair when she was staying with her father. Then, in another scene, Betty threatened to cut off Sally’s fingers after the mother of one of Sally’s friends found Sally touching herself and promptly drove the kid home.

Come to think of it, other than Mona Sterling whose daughter got married last season, are there any mothers from Mad Men who could be considered “good moms?” I’m drawing a blank. . .

(The actress who plays Betty, January Jones, did a Q&A about the challenge of acting out the slapping scene with Kiernan Shipka. She once cut her hair when she was a girl.)

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  1. That scene also made me want to punch Henry Francis in the jeans. Please. He does NOT get to judge Don. And Betty? She didn't "outgrow" touching herself. We all remember the fainting couch scene from last season.

    The scene that really drove home how frosty Betty has become was that icy phone call she had with Don. "I'm married," she said, trying to argue that her behavior hadn't impacted Sally. I was right there with Don when he said, "Do you hear yourself right now?"