Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Appliance Shopping from Hell

Just for the record: I hate shopping for big-ticket items.

Hate it with the passion of, as the saying goes, a thousand suns.

The Spouse and I recently walked into a store to look for stackable washer/dryer units (because our not-even-6-year-old, stacked, all-in-one unit is ALREADY kaput) as well as a new fridge (ours is 12 years old and dying, leaking water all on the floor, not cooling uniformly) and all the different features on all the appliances make it insanely difficult to compare costs.

Plus there’s this whole, “This’ll only last you maybe 10 years” business, but, The Spouse and I were told, the number of years something like a washer or a dryer will last depends on how much washing we do (three kids, all in sports) which makes any wild guesstimate as to how long an appliance will last pretty much a stab in the dark.

When it came to looking at refrigerators, The Youngest Boy, whom we took along shopping with us, only wanted to know if the surface would still be able to hold magnets (and therefore his pictures), his biggest concern, and if there’s a cool ice maker.

We wound up leaving the store after a very kind salesperson dumped all this information on us which made us feel all the more confused than before we walked in there. Samsung is now making washers and dryers, when did that happen? There are these “steam” options for dryers, fans that circulate air in the washers, anti-microbial features, vibration controls, eco-settings . . . which only got me wondering how environmental these units can really be if we’re just going to have to replace them in less than 10 years because the companies which produce these units make it cost-ineffective to have them repaired.

Did I mention that I hate shopping for appliances?

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