Friday, September 3, 2010

This is Why I Love Brian Williams, Calling People Who Want to Ban School Swings 'Safety Types'

I cracked up watching the segment below of the NBC Nightly News this week while Brian Williams waxed poetically and sarcastically about being a part of a generation that was "hardened by the horrors" and "violence" of playing school yard dodge ball, experiencing the "exquisite sting of the red rubber ball" usually in the middle of one's back. He even named his "personal nemesis" from grade school who used to slam him with balls which, to a 9-year-old Brian, felt like they were traveling at 100 miles per hour.

This was all a lead-in to Williams reporting that "safety types" -- the same ones who've tried to rid the nation's schools of the scourge of dodge ball -- are now setting their sights on swing sets as a safety menace. Trying to restrain the glee in his voice, Williams noted that an attempt to ban the swings in a West Virginia county failed when those "safety types" suffered the "embarrassing realization" that the swings are "required" on school playgrounds by education policies.

Score one for sanity. And Brian Williams.

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