Friday, September 17, 2010

Six-Year-Old Booted from Cheerleading Squad for Not Cheering About Shaking Her Booty. Seriously.

When I heard about this insane story -- a 6-year-old girl was kicked off her cheerleading team after her mother objected to a cheer the squad was doing – the thought that came to my mind is: You can't be serious.

The cheer in question, for 6-YEAR-OLD girls goes like this:

Our backs ache.

Our skirts are too tight.

We shake our booties from left to right.

Yeah, the MOM who objected to a girl barely out of kindergarten sexualizing herself is the one with the problem. The cheerleading coach and parents of the little girl’s now-former squad members -- who voted unanimously to keep using the cheer AND to kick the little 6-year-old out -- are now demonizing the mom as not being a team player, for going against “the family” (as though cheerleading is the mafia) because absolute agreement with the powers-that-be are the notions upon which this nation was founded, right?

This was so backwards-thinking that I thought it MUST be some kind of parody, a skit for The Colbert Report, or perhaps The Daily Show. Sadly, it wasn't.

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