Monday, September 6, 2010


The Spouse and I, mad with dark power, opted to torture our three children yesterday by forcing them to sit . . . get this . . . side-by-side in the back of The Spouse's sedan. Can you believe it, the horror of it all?

Instead of taking my SUV-crossover, in which one of them could sit in the third row, we took the sedan to our destination, a 40-minute drive from our house, forcing them to have to split the backseat three ways.

Oh, and did we hear about the dismal conditions! All the way there and all the way home, until The Youngest Boy fell asleep on the way back last night.

To show them how spoiled they are by the ample leg room they're afforded -- both The Spouse and I are only too well acquainted with the invisible dividing lines we drew with our siblings down the back seats of cars when we were children, cars with no AC -- The Spouse and I are considering that, whenever possible, we should take his sedan instead of my car to teach them a lesson. A lesson about what I'm not sure, but we're sick of them whining about how we're torturing them as they sit in the air conditioned car.

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