Tuesday, January 10, 2012

As the Ankle Twists

It was a very sad sight: The Spouse carrying The Girl off the basketball court this past weekend after she turned her ankle and an opponent accidentally stepped on it. (Yes, it was the same ankle that took months upon months of physical therapy and acupressure to heal the last time she injured it several years ago.)

After two days of icing and elevating her ankle, of The Spouse and I forcing her to don the air cast we still have from the last time she went through this, she’s still complaining about pain but is walking with a somewhat regular gait.

Now we wait and hold our breath.

Will she fully heal and be able to rejoin her two basketball teams with whom she’s anxious to play?

Will she be pain-free soon and not have a repeat of what ailed her a couple years ago?

I’m going to be positive about this, damn it. The power of positive thinking: It will all be good. (But I’m still going to cross my fingers and knock on some wood for good measure.)

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