Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Snarky Video Addresses the Insane Questions Directed at Moms of Twins

When my now 12-year-old twins were babies I was frequently subjected to all sorts of bizarre questions from strangers, specifically about whether or not the children were identical even though one's a boy and one's a girl.

Seriously, I had this argument more than once with people -- usually at the deli counters of grocery stores -- about how some folks thought that my kids HAD to be identical because they looked alike (they didn't). One time when I was severely sleep deprived and stressed out, a woman just would not drop the issue, saying they had to be identical . . . until I remarked, "One of them has a penis." That shut her up.

A man once came up to me at grocery store and asked me if I took "them pills" in order to get pregnant with the twins, to which I just responded with an angry sneer and pushed my stroller by the idiot.
This is why seeing this new video made me smile so broadly. Even though it's been a long time since I've fielded questions about having twins, the questions in the video represent exactly the kind of thing moms of twins usually hear. LOVED how the mom of twins asked the nosy inquisitor what kind of tampons she buys when she asked if the mom of twins had IVF.

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