Thursday, July 1, 2010

Me, 'Mad Men-ned' as a 1960s Housewife Like Betty

The good folks at AMC -- the network which airs my very favorite show Mad Men (now that Lost/I'mgoingtopretendthatfinaleneverreallyhappened is no longer on TV) -- have once again tapped the extraordinary talents of illustrator Dyna Moe to produce 1960s-styled avatars which you can personalize by selecting various options (hair, body, clothing, etc.) and insert into various scenes from Mad Men.

When it was first introduced last year, it was a huge internet hit so AMC is trying to recreate "The Wheel" with a new and improved version of Mad Men Yourself. With new scenes (like Betty's fainting couch, and Don at an outdoor restaurant in Rome), accessories and clothing, you can Mad Men Yourself all over again.

Here are two versions of me, circa the Mad Men era, one with java and one with a newspaper:

Wonder what it'd look like if I had the Picket Fence Post kids Mad Men themselves? I'll pick a moment when they're driving me stark, raving insane and then pull out the laptop and see what happens.

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